Services and Rates

Meal Plans for Families

Careers and children = BUSY.

You need convenience. And that’s exactly where I stand in the gap for your family.

With me preparing delicious and nutritious meals for your family, you’ll have energy to spare no matter how many directions everybody runs!

Weekly Fees

Family Members 2 entrées & 1 snack 3 entrées & 1 snack
2 $110 $155
3-4 $130 $195
5-6 $180 $235

Customize your family meal plan to include school lunches for an additional $20.00 per child.

Grocery bill is payable in addition to the weekly fee.

Meal Plans for Individuals

Oh yeah, those people who don’t have marriages and kids to deal with. They’ve got all the time in the world!

Not so fast…

There are countless ways to live “the single life,” and many of them are just as busy as anyone else. Hey there singles! I know your lives are hectic too. I’m here to handle your meals for you!

Weekly Fees

Servings 2 entrées 3 entrées
6-8 $75 $115
10-12 $95 $145

Grocery bill is payable in addition to the weekly fee.

Personal Fitness Chef Consultant

Maybe you’d like to make your own meals but don’t know how to get your kitchen in shape.

I can give you a quick “kick start” by helping you organize your kitchen, plan your meals, and make your shopping list, as well as go shopping with/for you.


My fees are custom made to fit your time and meal planning needs starting at $30.00 per hour.